Natalie Ledwell -  The Mind Movies VISUALIZATION Queen - The science behind visualization that expands your capabilities to CREATE.

Howard Martin, Institute of HeartMath, is the key spokesperson for this scientific organization, and speaks internationally on developing new intelligence needed to navigate life during changing times.
Karen Rauch Carter, Feng Shui Expert, Best-selling author, and healthy-lifestyle designer is passionate about helping people live their healthiest and most vibrant lives through her Environment-changing methods and modalities that produce consistent,and some say miraculous, results.
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Christy Whitman, The Quantum Success Coach who has transformed the lives of thousands will be showing you how to Magnetize MORE Abundance into your life.  Get Ready to bring your dreams into reality!
Dianne Bischoff James – Bestselling Author takes you on a journey to Reboot MIDLIFE through Reinvention of Self.





The Ultimate Law of Attraction Event will help you to remember what you forgot… YOUR POWER! This is the power that will bring you great wealth, great Health and GREAT LOVE!  Join us for an incredible weekend that will change your life.

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Your Host, Jewels Johnson



Spirituality – Peace of Mind

Brain Science – Quantum Physics

Wealth – Prosperity

Abundance  – Happiness

Feng Shui     

LOVE – Relationships

Emotional Well-Being





    • 047-Ledwell-Natalie-webNatalie Ledwell 

      Mind Movie Visualization Queen

      Do you find it easy to visualize and manifest something easy like a car space but when it comes to the bigger things in life like abundant wealth, weight loss or finding that perfect partner you seem to always fall short?  For most of us having a trust and belief ‘beyond a shadow of a doubt’ that WE create our reality is difficult especially when our current reality isn’t exactly the way we want.  Read More

    • howardmartin Howard Martin

      Re-writing the Future

      The Science of Heart Connected Living

      Internationally acclaimed Speaker for the Insitute of HeartMath, Howard shares everything that is going right in the world today that has been sidestepped from the mainstream media.   Is all doom and gloom for the future?  Absolutely not!  Howard delivers a surprising and uplifting message that will bring you out of your frustration of today's world and brings you back to feeling great that the future is YOURS.  Read More

    • Karen_red_top_smaller-200x300Karen Rauch Carter

      Move Your Stuff, Change Your Life

      Join feng shui expert Karen Rauch Carter as she teaches simple techniques to activate your home or workplace to ensure optimal health, wealth, happiness and more. This talk allows participants to make the most of their living spaces using Karen best-selling feng shui book entitled of course, Move Your Stuff, Change Your Life. Participants are encouraged to bring their floor plan (hand drawn is OK) and pictures of their living spaces for the fun, unique, and enlightening Q and A time. Read More.

    • Christy-Whitman-2 resized

      Christy Whitman

      Quantum Success

      Wish you were a millionaire? Who doesn’t? Are you waiting for your Soul Mate to magically appear?  Have you given up thinking about a new career?  Christy will bring you wonderful results as you listen to her common sense approach using the law of Attraction to bring you maximum abundance.  Seen on NBC, USA Today, Fox News, and the Today show with articles in the New York Times and People Magazine, Christy will mesmerize you with life changing information.   Read More.

    • Gp walsh 3GP Walsh

      The Great Spiritual Adventure

      All the different reasons of why people first discover LOA eventually leads to the Spiritual path.  And the Spiritual path leads to joyful living through peace, freedom and trust. Yes, you can manifest money, love, sex,material items through the LOA, but nothing can deliver you to peace and happiness without spirituality.  It is one of the most exciting adventures of a lifetime.  And it starts now!          Read More

    • Judy van NiekerkJudy van Niekerk

      Charge Your Challenges

      Charge, Capitalize and Celebrate Your Challenges. Buddha once said "In the end, only three things matter: how much you loved, how gently you lived, and how gracefully you let go of the things not meant for you." You will learn how to Charge Your Challenges, how to Capitalize Your Challenges  and Celebrate Your Challenges.  Judy is an international speaker that often receives standing ovations for her triumphs through her own personal challenges.  Flying in from London, Judy has a very powerful message for those attending. Read More

    • Constance Arnold

      Manifest the LOVE of your LIFE

      When you ask most people what they ultimately want in life, they usually say, "To love and be loved."  All living things are wired for love.   Here’s the best news ever:  You CAN attract Love deliberately by using the wonderful universal law of Attraction in a simple, clear and yet scientific way.  As a licensed therapist and Dream Coach, Constance has worked with over 10,000 clients manifest genuine LOVE.  Read more

    • speakersMarbeth Dunn

      The Joy Factor -- Secret Tricks to Rapidly Increase Your Abundance

      Are you holding yourself back from abundance? During this fascinating workshop, you will discover the three main factors that keep you stuck in your story.  MarBeth Dunn creates a wonderfully light atmosphere in which to instantly release your old false beliefs and replace them with the certainty of success! She will also share with you the energetic components of embodying your power.  Read More

    • Dianne_Bischoff_001Dianne Bischoff James

      Midlife Reboot!

      What do you do when you’re midway through life’s journey and realize you are completely on the wrong path? Join Dianne Bischoff James, Midlife Reinventionist and author of the best selling book, The Real Brass Ring-Change Your Life Course Now, as she shares her raw, brutally honest story of dissatisfaction in achieving the American Dream and the often painful and treacherous road she followed to disassemble the fantasy along with its false promises. Read More

    • Jim-with-gradient-bg-1.jpgJim Alvino

        You Are The Creator of Your Life

      You are living proof that you are the creator of     your life. Maybe you like your life…or parts of it…other parts, not so much. What do you say? Shall we take it up a few notches? Yes we will!  Jim Alvino is a popular Law of Attraction teacher with over 30 years experience. His dramatic presentation will delight you and bring this message right to your heart seeing yourself in    your greatness, and bringing your future self        into the present.  Read More

    • buzz_3Bertrand Dory

      Enough of this FEAR!

      Explore one of the key reason that is keeping you from having all you want: a loving relationship, good health, financial freedom and happiness. FEAR is the most powerful reason that will keep you stuck. Join me at this talk and learn how to shift this and to open your life to more good. Read More

    • reisha1Reisha Baker

      Watch Your Mouth, Your Subconscious Is Listening

      Can you think of anyone who always has something negative to say? We all fall victim to negative speaking whether it be our external conversations or internal dialog. The words you speak are so POWERFUL that they create your environment. There is POWER in the words you choose and if used correctly, WILL change your life into your dreams! Read More

    • buzz_3R.J. Banks

      The Power of the I AM

      Reawaken your imagination and create Powerful “I Am” affirmations that shoots your direct intentions to the Universe, ENERGY (or God) in which brings about incredible manifestations. Most often the KEY ingredient that is missing is the way you phrase an intention. The wrong word will invoke the wrong feeling that will keep YOU from receiving what it is that you are wanting! Read More

    • buzz postDr. Robert (Buzz) Edelburg, DC

      Your Health using LOA

      This program will be interactive with you in your desire is to learn more about LOA and Health.   When you experience a twist or torque in your spine you impinge nerves which can create all kinds of pain, suffering and dis-ease. This is the exact analogy to the way Law Of Attraction works. Read More

    • Lorane2forweb_cropped_fiverr_v2Lorane Gordon

      20/20 Visualization Manifests Your Miracles

      Take your desires from cloudy to clear!  Make your thoughts work for you through the power of visualization. This will emotionally charge your energy field so you can quickly materialize your desires into your physical reality. Lorane has taught thousands of people to live their life with happiness, health, love and inner peace.  Read More

    • howardmartin Shonté Jovan Taylor

      Live, Love, & Succeed with the Brain in Mind

      Do you feel like you are not living up to your full potential?  Do you feel like your life is dull and can use an upgrade? It’s time to upgrade the most powerful technology you have within…Your Brain.  Shonté Jovan Taylor will share with you the latest research in neuroscience, simplified to help you to optimize your brain power to live your best life. If you change your brain, you can change the world, and unlock your full potential. Read More